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Luigi Ghirri, Atelier Morandi, Grizzana, 1989-90

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DIY Braided Extension Cord

imageWhile the convenience offered by such a wide array of electronics is undoubted, there is a significant drawback: unsightly electrical cords. extension cords and all sorts of other wires can created ugly, tangled messes that stand out like sore thumbs against your home’s walls or decor. Fortunately, there are a few tactics you can use to hide an electrical cord and make it blend in seamlessly with the rest of your home. Here is one of those fabulous ways!


- 3 extension cords (all the same length, 6′ or longer is better)

- scissors

- masking tape

- 3 skeins of thick/bulky weight yarn

- 3 plastic cord tubes (these can be found at IKEA or most hardware stores in the electrical section)


Step 2. Tuck the end of an extension cord into the open slit of the plastic tube.

Step 3. Tape the tube to the base of the plug to secure the tube to the cord. Continue tucking the entire length of the cord into the plastic covering.

Step 4. Cut the covering to the exact length of the cord. Repeat steps 1–2 for the other two cords.

Step 5. Take the end of one skein of yarn and knot it around the beginning of the first covered cord.

Begin wrapping the yarn around the cord, covering all the plastic and tucking the loose end of the yarn into the first few wraps to conceal it. Continue wrapping the cord with yarn. As you do this, you can begin rolling the finished cord into a small loop and securing with a piece of yarn to make wrapping easier. When you get to the end, knot the yarn around the base of the cord and snip off the excess.

Step 6. Repeat with the other two cords.

Step 7. Begin overlapping the cords, one over the other to form a simple braid. Secure both ends by knotting a piece of yarn around all three right near the base.

Step 8. Place the cord in an open area for display, or use anywhere you would normally need extension cords. Don’t place the cords in doorways or anywhere someone might trip.

"Is this project practical? No. Can you remove the cords easily from these tubes? No. Is it wise to put a giant rope out on the floor? Um, not really. But this is the only extension cord I’ve ever liked enough to potentially wear out of the house as a giant necklace, and that’s success in my book. So if you’re into a little frivolous anti-design, this project is cheap, easy and really fun to make." — Kate (Design sponge) Via: Design Sponge



Sickeningly beautiful house in Barcelona belonging to Mari Luz Vidal and Andrew Trotter featured on FvF.

Hopefully they do Air BnB.

Can I live here

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